How to Play

Tap Church is a mobile social game where time is the major resource of the game. Players select Tasks, which take real time to transpire and earn the player Coins and Trust. Coins and Trust, respectively, can be used to purchase items and advance through the levels of the game.

Tap Church, being a social game, allows players to create a unique game environment to share with their friends across social media channels. No two churches will look the same as players construct and design whatever church style they can imagine.


Tasks are activities your avatar performs for Coins and Trust. Every Task has a cost and reward. Select a task and wait for the prescribed time limit to expire. Once the Task is completed you will be rewarded with Coins and Trust. Some Tasks need to be performed multiple times to unlock Special Characters and Ministries


Coins are one of the currencies in Tap Church. Coins are used to purchase many of the items in the Store, pay staff and repair broken items. Coins are earned by performing Tasks, collecting Tithe, donations from visitors/members and they are also available for purchase in the Store.

The Store

The Store is the place to purchase all items in the game. You can purchase anything from chairs to supplies, to musical instruments and decorations. Anything you need to keep your churchgoers happy you can find in the Store.


Supplies are necessary to keep your members happy and content. Each member needs their goody bag before they exit the church or they may leave unhappy and not give you as many coins as a happy person would. Also if a visitor leaves unhappy they probably won’t return as a member. Supplies are available for purchase at the Store. They are limited to in church quantities of 200, 500, and 1000. But you must have the proper storage table or any overage will be wasted.


Faith is the premium in game currency. Faith can do many things in Tap Church. Faith makes Task happen immediately. Faith also is required to purchase unique items that Coins cannot purchase.


The Tap Church Staff are here to help you through the game. Each member has different roles within your Tap Church. Staff are combined utilizing the member of your church and become available at different levels. Staff have a daily wage so don’t over hire of you may need a quick Coin infusion to cover your payroll.

Can you discover all the unique character staff combinations?

2 laymen = 1 Deacon
2 laywomen = 1 Usher

Edit Mode

Edit mode is where you rearrange, remove, rotate and repair any of the item you want to place in your church. You automatically enter edit mode after you make a purchase from the Store. You can manually enter edit mode by tapping the screen and holding for a moment.

You know you are in edit mode when the people disappear and the music changes.

There needs to be enough space between seats so members can walk through. If seats are too close together, the members won’t be able to sit down.


If you want to keep your members happy you must maintain your church. A chair or pew when first purchased is pristine and clean but after some time it begins to degrade and ultimately breaks. A worn item provides you with some use and resale value. A broken item is a worthless eyesore.


Church expansion is necessary once you really start to grow and Build a Following. You need to expand to add more seats and create a larger section for your choir and musicians. Tap the area marked “Tap to Expand” and you will grow your church footprint 1×1. You will be able to add more seats and more instruments.


Ministries are how you Build a Following to MEGA proportions. With every ministry you add you get a shiny medal in your office. See if you can find and build every ministry in the game.

Mini Games

Mini games are fun and exciting distractions within the game. They are accessible from the banner hanging on the wall. The Random Name Generator is always available for a quick play even from the opening screen. The rest of the games have to be unlocked and have a three-day play limit.

Random Name Generator

A silly game that randomly picks from a total of over 100+ religions, reformations, denominations and names. Shake your device and post any of the thousands of hilarious possibilities.

Scratch Off Card

A reward for daily Tap Churchers. Scratch off the silver area to discover how many Coins you will be awarded.

Collection Plate

Spin the wheel to see how you wager. Then select from three rows of collection plates to see what you will. High rewards live here but beware of picking a lemon or a disapproving church mother. They can leave you with nothing!

Collection Toss

A game of skill where you pick a target and attempt to make a basket for Coin awards. The further the basket the higher the reward.


Visit your Facebook friends and see what their churches look like. You access the social part of Tap Church by tapping the cathedral icon on the main game screen. Send out an invite to all or some of your Facebook friends and when they respond you’ll have a new friend to visit.