He's the man! He completes tasks, hires staff and makes repairs to grow his Tap Church and works hard to BUILD a Following.


Need repairs? Hire a deacon.
Available at Level 3
Combination: Laymen + Laymen


She seats visitors and members while keeping the walkways clear.
Available at Level 4
Combination: Laywoman + Laywoman


All money decisions go through him. He keeps the financial house in order.
Available at Level 7
Combination: Layman + Deacon


This solemn staffer grows your church at home and abroad.
Available at Level 6
Combination: Laywoman + Usher


He makes sure the services start on time and gives the pastor a helping hand.
Available at Level 10
Combination: Trustee + Trustee


She will help you get the word out about your new church.
Available at Level 13
Combination: Missionary + Missionary

Junior Pastor

He assists the Pastor of Tap Church by completing tasks and overall maintenance of the church. But doesn’t he look a little sneaky?
Available at Level ?
Combination: Elder + Elder

Choir Director

Music is a great way to attract new members! Hire the choir director to head the choir and the band.
Available at Level 16

Church Mother

Opens up advanced levels and new ministries and she always has a mint for the precious little children and those in desperate need.
Available at Level ?
Combination: Evengelist + Evangelist

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker to the church
Available at Level 15

Male Celebrity

He's the hottest actor out right now! Inviting him to your church will be sure to attract visitors. He also is very generous!
Available at Level 13

Female Celebrity

This reality star heard about your church on the blogosphere. She’s stopping by to see what all the buzz is about! She also is very generous!
Available at Level 13


He’s running for office and canvasing for votes.
Available at Level 12