Why do some people have halos over their heads?

When a visitor leaves happy and joins your church they are represented with a halo over their heads.

I have been playing a lot and can’t earn enough Coins!

Make sure you have ample seating and enough Supplies. Happy visitors leave larger donations when they exit. Also don’t forget to perform Tasks. Tasks earn you money when they complete.

Why do my chairs look all broken and stuff?

As people use items in the church they get worn out and break. You can repair these items by entering Edit Mode and selecting the Repair icon.

How do I learn about the items I’m purchasing?

Tap the “i” next to the item in the Store. It shows the item description and its durability rating. One star means cheaply made. Five stars means finely crafted.

Do I have to use Faith to complete Tasks?

No. Tasks complete over time. You can use Faith to make Tasks complete immediately.

I have a great idea for the game. What do I do?

We love to read all your feedback and ideas. Submit your suggestions via the App Store or to info@mytapchurch.com

I’ve been stuck on Level X for the longest. What do I do?

Trust is how you advance higher in level. To gain Trust purchase items in the Store and complete Tasks that earn you Trust.

I unlocked everything. What do you plan to do to keep me from getting bored and leaving a bad review?

Tap Church will release major updates and add items to the Store periodically.

I noticed sometimes I lose my progress. What gives?

We are working hard to identify and squash any bugs.

Tap Church sounds like a lot of fun but I don’t have an iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch). What hope is there for me?

Tap Church plans to be released on Android device in the future!

I love Tap Church so much I want to tell the world!

Great! Go ahead. Remember to leave a favorable rating in the App Store http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tap-church/id499823542?ls=1&mt=8. You can also follow us on Twitter @TapChurchApp and friend us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tapchurch

Will Tap Church work on my jail broken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch?

No. Tap Church will only work properly on official Apple software releases.