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The Tap Church App Has Arrived

After months of development by the SkyRain Mobile, LLC team, The Tap Church App has been released to rave reviews in the Apple AppStore.  Heralded as the first app of it’s kind geared towards the faith based community, the Tap Church App has captured an audience of iDevice users that have become encapsulated with building their Tap Churches.

Game Description
Enjoy the first church building game for iOS. Enjoy hours of fun as you take your small storefront church into a packed Megachurch. Hire staff and gain membership. Ignore your church and watch as it decays from neglect. Visit your friends’ churches and gift and donate supplies to help them grow as well. Unlock and discover over a half dozen ministries from television ministry to Nursing Home. Discover ways entice celebrities to your church or politicians. You may recognize one!

Discover interesting ways to combine your membership to create useful staff members to help you rise to higher levels. Clean the streets of crime by providing effective programs for the people of the city.Fully customizable.
Change the look of your entire church from the seats to the statues.Use Faith to purchase rare and covetous items!